Dosing pumps

A dosing pump for almost any application

Emec has an extensive range of dosing pumps. For very small flows and low pressures up to pressures up to 100 bar and flows up to 1000 litres per hour. Electromagnetic, with compressed air or with an electric motor. A lot is possible. Also nice is that there is a lot in stock. In the Netherlands. That means we can help you quickly when you are looking for a dosing pump. Or if you need spare parts. It is also possible to assist you on location if necessary.

Which sectors do we supply?

Dosing pumps are not really sector-specific, but we see some types more often in swimming pools and others in horticulture or shipping. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of dosing pumps and accessories, we can almost always help you find the right dosing pump or dosing installation. Whether you are a swimming pool builder or need a pump for a factory.

Which dosing pump do I need?

That's often a tricky issue. However, we do nothing other than help our customers make the right choice. Please contact us, and we will be happy to help you!

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