Dosing pumps, dosing systems, sensors and complete sets for 

Cooling tower Water treatment

Dosing systems for 

Cooling water

A good one Cooling tower water treatment ensures that the pipes, heat exchangers and other fittings do not clog with algae or corrode. Products such as inhibitor and biocides will be used for this. Because this valuable and often environmental nuisance be a exact dosage very important

That exact dosage starts with a good and stable measurement from among others conductivity and pH. For example, for cooling water it is very important to work with the correct conductivity meters. Conductive Conductivity Sensors are cheaper, but may deviate when heavy engines are nearby. As this is almost always the case with cooling water, it is better to opt for a measurement based on inductive conductivity. A little more expensive, but a lot better. 

In addition to the dosing pumps For these chemicals, we are also happy to advise you in complete controllers and the sensors. This gives you a complete and very high quality system for a reasonable price. With 5-year warranty on the controllers and pumps!

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Pumps and Complete Sets for cooling tower water treatment

Below you will find a selection of products that we often supply indoors for cooling water treatment.

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