Dosing pumps, dosing systems, sensors and complete sets per sector


Sector-specific dosing pumps

Industriële doseer pomp

Each sector often has specific wishes in terms of dosing, measuring and regulatingalthough, of course, there's overlap. pH control is applicable in almost every sector, for example. Also the cooling water conditioning is not necessarily sector specific. For the overview, we have taken the liberty of making an overview per sector of frequently used techniques. 

Below you can find which sectors we all provide with dosing pumpsas well as Complete dosing systems including controllers and sensors.

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Which sectors do we serve? 


Emec delivers high quality dosing pumps, dosing systems and (pH-rH) controllers for the horticultural sector.

Swimming pools

From complete pH-RH or free chlorine systems to simple dosing pumps for flocculants, acid and lye. For both private and professional use.


Dosage from 0.01 to 1000 litres per hour and up to 100 bar. Foodsafe and ATEX certified. From simple dosing pumps to controllers. 

Cooling water

Complete controllers and dosing pumps for cooling water treatment. High quality and competitive price. 


Automatic control for e.g. water recycling and cooking water. Dosing pumps, regulators, etc. 

Waste water

Measure pH neutralization, or dissolved solids. Also dosing pumps for PE, lye and acid. 

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